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A ridiculous poster of the artificial intelligence squad in "True Detective" causes a happy riot on the Internet

A ridiculous poster of the artificial intelligence squad in “True Detective” causes a happy riot on the Internet

TV series viewers True Detective, shown on HBO, also have a somewhat investigative point of view. They clean the filming locations and, for example, the living rooms of the participants, just like detectives Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) and Evangeline Navarro (Callie Reese), the main characters of the fourth season.

In the second episode, the eye fell on a special decor for the wall of the room of miner Chuck Mosley, a man who may know more about a mysterious disappearance case. When he is being interrogated by Detective Navarro, we see behind his head, above his bed, a poster of a special metal band called Metal.

This unoriginal name is in the font found in the logo of another metal band, Metallica. Below the band name, you can see the heads of what likely represents the band members. It vaguely resembles a kiss. The text on the label is quite strange. It looks like the metal band is playing live “for the second time”: in the right corner it says “2 Live', lack of correct use of language even in English.


American thrash metal band Ghoul recreated the scene, froze the image, printed it out and posted it on Instagram. “We really enjoy the AI-generated fake metal sticker in the background True Detectivethey wrote. The poster then circulated on social media and metal blogs. “Ah, yes, metal,” wrote the magazine's Greg Kennelty. Metal injection. “My favorite band, which is made up of the members of Melting Kiss.”