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Even politicians get involved: why Spain's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest attracts so much criticism |  music

Even politicians get involved: why Spain's entry into the Eurovision Song Contest attracts so much criticism | music

musicIt is the Spanish entry for the Eurovision Song Contest EnableOr just misogyny? Music group Nebulusa is facing very divided reviews for their song “Zorra”. The feminist movement in Madrid describes the song as “sexist”, while the Spanish Prime Minister sees no problem at all with the provocative lyrics.

According to the feminist movement, the problem begins with the song's title. The word “Zorra” can be translated as “fox”, but is also often used in Spanish to mean “bitch” or “slut”. The word is repeated countless times in the song: “When I'm out alone, I'm a Zora. When I'm having a good time, I'm a Zora. When I get what I want, I'm a Zora. It's never because I deserve it.”

“Zora” is presented by a married couple: Maria “Miri” Bass and Marc D'Assus, known together as Nebulosa. According to the duo, the aim of the song is to comment on misogyny and criticize the double standards that women face. However, the feminist movement is not satisfied with this interpretation. “It is ridiculous to claim that constant repetition of a word will make a woman stronger,” she said. The movement concluded in a statement that the song “offends women in a sexual way.”

Nebulosa will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Zorra”. © Twitter

Politicians don't agree

The uproar also provokes reactions from politicians. “I believe that feminism is not only right or fair, but it can also be fun,” Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish prime minister, said on a television programme. This kind of provocation must come from the culture.” He thinks the lyrics challenge stereotypes and says he's a big fan of “those types of songs.” Spanish Equality Minister Irene María Montero Gil shares his opinion and sees “Zorra” as a “beautiful song that breaks stereotypes.”

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The organization of the Eurovision Song Contest also does not see any problem with the song. There is a ban on texts that could bring the competition into disrepute, but that is not the case here, according to the judge. “Given the context of the lyrics and message, we have determined that the song is eligible to participate in the competition,” the statement read.

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