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A third of readers think the cameras on the phone are the most important

A third of readers think the cameras on the phone are the most important

Our smartphones are increasingly taking over control of other things in our lives. Mirror? smart phone. discount card? smart phone. photo camera? smart phone. But, is the latter really true? In our survey, we asked Androidworld readers how important it is that they think the cameras on their phones are actually important.

Pictures of children and cats

You used to only take your camera with you when you go to a party or on vacation, but since we have social media in our lives, taking pictures has suddenly become more and more common. We take pictures of our food, of our kid drawing and don’t forget videos of crazy cats and their dancing nieces. The camera on our phone is starting to play an increasingly important role, but how big is that role?

Judging by what our readers have to say, this camera is definitely an important factor. 35 percent consider it the most important, which means that WhatsApp, Facebook and — we almost forget about calling, for example — are considered to be less important. 24% disagree: they think the cameras on a phone are less important than other features. 38 percent in the middle: They think cameras are just as important as other features.

many pictures

Only 1 percent have a different opinion. Comments show that Cyclon is surprised by the focus of the camera for other readers: “Apparently a lot of photographers vote. I didn’t even take a selfie myself.” However, many readers in the response point out that the camera is an afterthought.

Tukker secretly has the best of both worlds. For example, he says, “For me, only speed, software, and screen size matter, and the camera is an afterthought. My wife takes pictures so I bought her a Pixel, she doesn’t care about the rest.” 😃 “Fortunately, the Pixel can do more than just take pictures. amazing.

AW Poll: A third of readers think phone cameras are the most important

The camera is important

We seem to think that the camera is very important, but we still buy a smartphone with a camera instead of a camera with smartphone functions. Or in fact should we say cameras, because in 2021 it will be difficult to find a smartphone with only one camera.

Watch Androidworld for a new survey. If you vote, thank you for sharing!