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Hogwarts Legacy Preview: Looking forward to a magical Christmas season

Hogwarts Legacy Preview: Looking forward to a magical Christmas season

The Harry Potter franchise is still alive. 25 years after Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone came out, J.K. Rowling still holds the gold. In recent years, we’ve spoiled an eighth book, including stage performances, Fantastic Beasts movies, and several mobile games. However, it was 2011 that we managed to get into the wizard’s skin, so many fans were left hungry. Until now. With the much-discussed open-world game Hogwarts Legacy arriving for all platforms (yes, all!), Warner Bros. hopes to satisfy the hunger of all gaming wizards and wizards. Watch the game’s unveiling at Sony’s State of Play on Thursday, March 17th, and answer your main questions.

When and where can I play Hogwarts Legacy?

Warner Bros doesn’t have a release date yet, but at the end of the promo we can read the words “Holiday 2022.” So we can get ready for that extra magical Christmas period! You’ll be able to gift Hogwarts Legacy to any Potterhead using PlayStation 4, 5, Xbox Series S, X, Nintendo Switch, or PC. In short: No player will fall by the wayside.

Shall I play with Harry, Ron and Hermione?

No, the trio of books and movies is not part of this game. The story takes place in the nineteenth century, when these three characters were far from involved. So we will be able to discover life in and around Hogwarts for ourselves as a student at Magic School and Hocos Books. But then of course an apprentice has a special gift that can save the wizarding world from evil and save from destruction. In the character generator you can choose between a male or female character and during the sorting ceremony you will be able to choose your division.

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What kind of games are Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world RPG. We were unable to see any live service or online components while viewing State of Play. So don’t expect co-op options on the couch or online gaming sessions.

What can I expect from this game?

Judging from the reveal of the show, we can expect a lot more. I will list the most important things:

take lessons

As a fifth-year student who started his academic career later, you have plenty of lessons to make up: mastering spells, defending yourself against the dark arts, brewing potions, and taking care of magical plants.

Uncover a dangerous mystery

Your acquired skills will come in handy to unravel the dangerous mystery lurking at Hogwarts. An army of orcs was planning an uprising and collaborating with dark magicians to do so. In addition, there is also a dark force that manipulates creatures against their will.

Use spells and fight

Like any good wizard or sorcerer, you will learn the spells that you can use the wicked To be very smart. You have the entire arsenal at your disposal: you can combine offensive and defensive spells to your heart’s content and also use your environment to the wicked beats. In the trailer, we’ve already seen a few possible combinations and they’re really making our hands feel itchy. as per your choice skill treeEveryone will be able to develop their own unique style of swordsmanship

Screenshot of Hogwarts Legacy

Fantastic beasts

The world of Harry Potter isn’t all about wizards and wizards, of course, but it’s also unique and lovable to the many kinds of magical animals that roam within it. In the trailer, we actually saw a flying hippo (self-defeating!), a flock of fatalities, hostile orcs, a majestic dragon, a helpful and kind, colorful house elf nevler And many more mythical creatures.

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Screenshot of Hogwarts Legacy

Flying and Quidditch

Why do you walk when you can fly? In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be able to use your broom to get from A to B faster. Whether you can also hide, appear and – more importantly – play Quidditch is not known yet.


There is no high school without friendships, quarrels and love of drama. At Hogwarts, you will be able to form friendly relations with your fellow students. They can accompany you on your missions and along the way you can get to know their personalities and their past better. It is not yet known whether there is also love for your character.


In Hogwarts Legacy, you can do what Harry Potter himself wasn’t allowed to do: visit Hogsmeade! Hogsmeade appears to be acting like a kind of Diagon Alley at the same time, according to Shops.

A promising first impression

Hogwarts Legacy makes a promising first impression. Apparently the creators wanted to please any Harry Potter fan. As a result, the game is very extensive. The possibilities seem endless and you will really feel like you are immersed in the magical world of wizards. Hopefully Warner Bros. won’t choke on so many magical creatures, lessons, Fighting odds and skill trees They find enough time to do all the jobs well and in a balanced manner.

Screenshot of Hogwarts Legacy