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A visit to the Bicky Factory in Bocholt: what exactly is this burger?  |  TV

A visit to the Bicky Factory in Bocholt: what exactly is this burger? | TV

“They promised us one snack, that’s five together!” , looks like SEBI’s first analysis. That’s right, because the Bicky Burger consists of no less than seven parts, including three different sauces. Sophie also has a hard time: “Sandwich, meat, three sauces! After a thrilling “cooking”, a jury of factory employees chooses the chef who made the best replica and who is the last to qualify for the semi-finals.

As the chefs toil, Ruth Beckmans, 39, is diving into the factory as usual, hungry to learn how to make a Bicky Burger. And this turns out to be very similar to Mora’s Viandel: the bulk of the burger is made of chicken meat, more specifically mechanically separated meat – also called “mechanically separated chicken”. This is the leftover meat that remains on the carcass after cutting all the large pieces of meat such as chicken breasts. This remains are mechanically removed from the bones – which can sometimes contain small pieces of bone – and then ground into a kind of meat dough. In the case of the Bicky Burger, the mechanically separated meat is mixed with bacon, a secret seasoning mixture, dried onions, salt and breadcrumbs.

“Snack Masters”; 8.40pm on VTM.

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