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Tupac is the path to wisdom

Tupac is the path to wisdom

Tupac had to look different when he moved from hip-hop’s birthplace in New York to California on the West Coast.

The Old Gray Gentlemen should have agreed to Gilbers’ investigation

As for the young Dr. Stephen Gilberts, he definitely wanted a Ph.D. on this guy.

For the old gray masters who had to agree to a doctoral path, this was not so obvious. Gilbers had to dig deep to write this letter.

Change the tone of the rapper

It culminated in a thesis in which he discusses the rapper’s change of tone. The New York native worked so hard on his accent that he started sounding like he was from California. Gilbers asserts that his thesis has scientific value for anyone studying accent changes.

Where Dr. Gilbers had difficulty starting his research, he received support from Professor Arnaud Butt. Following Gilbers’ contribution, the eminent economist makes an argument for looking outside your world. “People tend to ignore things outside of their lives and dismiss them as heresy, but it’s about society. The last thing you should do is ignore it, because it’s about the new generation and how society moves.”

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