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ACM: Apple does not meet the requirements and has to pay a fine of up to 50 million euros – IT Pro – News

Apple does not meet the requirements set by the Dutch Consumer and Markets Authority for the payment systems of dating application providers. Apple must pay a fine of 5 million euros per week, as long as it does not meet the requirements.

The main point that Apple does not meet is that the terms have not been modified. According to the censor, dating app providers can only show their ‘interest’ in alternative payment systems, but still not use them, writes AC. ACM also says that Apple is raising a number of barriers to using a different payment system, which is in violation of the requirements.

“For example, Apple appears to be obligating app providers to choose; either a reference to out-of-app payment options or an alternative payment system. This is not allowed. Both options should be possible,” according to the regulator.

The ACM has informed Apple that the modifications made do not meet the requirements of the court-imposed order and that Apple must implement the requested changes. Until that happens, Apple must pay a fine of €5 million each week. This can reach a maximum of 50 million euros.

last december ACM forced Apple to go to court To allow alternative payment systems in dating apps. Apple was given until January 15 to do so. On the evening of Friday, January 14, Apple made a file Support page update It announced plans to allow alternative payment systems for dating app providers in the Netherlands. The following Monday Announced that ACM is checking Whether these changes are sufficient.

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According to Apple’s plans, which the ACM rejects, developers should put a separate version of their app on the App Store, available only in the Netherlands, to use an alternative payment method. Apple has also indicated that it will continue to charge the commission, although it is not clear how exactly that works and by how much. Moreover, Apple rules out using its own payment method, if developers want to use another. Apple has already appealed the ACM’s lawsuit after the first ruling, but that case has yet to occur.