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After a few weeks of calm, travelers lined up again for hours in Schiphol |  for travel

After a few weeks of calm, travelers lined up again for hours in Schiphol | for travel

Travelers again have to queue for hours for a security check in Schiphol. In the past three weeks, there have been no complaints about waiting times, but due to the lack of security guards, it is chaos at the Dutch airport again today.

You can find out how long the waiting list for screening takes on social media. Travelers even park far outside the tents and have to wait more than three hours. The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (Dutch Military Police, ed.) is there to prevent things from getting out of hand. According to passengers and staff, security was imposed on shutters closed earlier today.

An airport spokesperson reported that there was no longer an aggressive atmosphere. “Especially this morning it was very crowded and waiting times increased. This is because fewer security guards started working than we asked. How is that? Let’s find out. It’s very annoying for our travelers, but fortunately I haven’t received any signs yet that people have missed their flights.”

However, travelers on Twitter reported that they did not make their flight due to the long wait.

Additional staff

The last time a big mess broke out in Schiphol was on August 1. Travelers sometimes had to queue for more than four hours. In recent weeks, things have gone much better, mainly due to the deployment of more security guards and the fact that the number of passengers departing has been limited. Schiphol took on hundreds of additional security officers this summer, two hundred of whom began work immediately.

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Not only do many people go on vacation through Schiphol this weekend, many vacationers go home as well, which makes it very crowded. A Schiphol spokesperson cannot promise that waiting times will be shorter tomorrow. “We’ve also asked for additional security guards for tomorrow, so hopefully they’ll get to work already.”

I left the luggage

The airport is not only suffering from a lack of personnel in security. There have also been issues with the remaining bags for some time. The airport has not provided exact figures for the number of orphans’ bags for a while, in part because this may vary from moment to moment. But the fact remains that lately there are still more bags left behind and more need to be returned than usual.

The problems at Schiphol are not isolated, but they do occur at many airports. For example, London Heathrow Airport currently has a daily limit on the number of departing passengers. A large part of the problem with bags at Schiphol is also due to bags that were held elsewhere due to problems and sent back later.

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