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After her divorce, Karen Damen no longer keeps it a secret: “Yes, I use fillers and Botox” |  Ltd

After her divorce, Karen Damen no longer keeps it a secret: “Yes, I use fillers and Botox” | Ltd

LtdKaren Damen (49 years old) gave her first interview on Friday evening since the news of her divorce became known. There is no information about the breakup with MNM DJ Julia Van den Steen (31). Karen has revealed her beauty secret: fillers and Botox. “When I’m done, everyone suddenly says I look good.”

On Friday evening, former K3 member Karin Damen revealed live on air that she’s not averse to some fillers and Botox. MNM listeners can submit their most pressing questions to the “Family” actress throughout the evening. When a listener asked about Karen’s secrets, she proudly announced, “Fillers and Botox.”

“Yes it is. Do you know what it is? People always say: ‘Oh, you don’t need that, do you?’, but when I finish, everyone suddenly says: ‘Wow, you look good,'” Karen says. DJ Julia Van den Steen reacted indignantly to the revelations: “Come on Karen, you can’t see that at all.”

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But Damen pays attention. “I don’t really do it very often. Always very subtly once a year. But what else helps to stay beautiful? A good makeup artist,” she laughs.

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Later in the evening, Damen also presented a T-shirt she wore when she was still in K3 with the text “Life is K3”, and put on her best Limburg accent: “W”Wake up, beautiful piece“, sounded Limburg’s impression of Damen.

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