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After Jeroen Mewes, Loc Van Impe is the festival chef at Rock Werchter this year: 'It's over, if we sell, we'll close the tent' |  festive summer

After Jeroen Mewes, Loc Van Impe is the festival chef at Rock Werchter this year: ‘It’s over, if we sell, we’ll close the tent’ | festive summer

Stars can also be found next to the Rock Werchter stage, but then of the culinary type. While Jeroen Meos was the festival’s chef with his “fine dogs” during the previous edition, TV chef Loïc Van Impe crowned himself with that title this year. Where will you find him this weekend? And what’s on the menu? “The only condition for the menu is that it’s cheaper than the French fries with soup you order here.”

the place From the work of cooking This year, Rock Werchter will be hosting De Smaakfabriek, who can be recognized by the impressive panels alongside KluB C and The Barn. After Jeroen Meus with his “Haute Dogs” in previous editions, Loïc Van Impe can call himself the festival chef of the prairie this year. “I think it’s crazy that I was asked to do this,” the TV chef said excitedly, while the early festival-goers of the day were already dripping in the meadow.

Expensive or cheaper than French fries with soup

Rock Werchter gave him carte blanche to come and do whatever he wants, as long as it’s sustainable. “The organization has asked me to create local and sustainable dishes. VLAM also collaborates and through it has reached out to many farmers who can be found here about 30 kilometers around Werchter. As a result, there can be a different dish on the menu every day.” However, “on is on” is applied. If we sell out completely, the tent will close. Moreover, dishes must meet three conditions: they must be tasty, worthy of celebration, and they must cost no more than french fries with stews. Because frankly, it’s hard to think of something better than a box of French fries with soup.” You can get those French fries with stews for 4 vouchers or 14 euros, so what Loc offers you is just too expensive or cheaper.

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Local ingredients and international cuisine

The fact that the ingredients are local does not mean that the recipes at De Smaakfabriek are either. “I would like to point out that you can go in all directions with our ingredients in the kitchen. Yesterday I made a sandwich with pulled meat, which is classic, but taken to a higher level by adding barbecue sauce with Liège syrup. Nothing American about it, purely Belgian.” Today there is an Indian dish on the menu: Chicken Makhani. “Here I use organic chicken and local yoghurt and instead of traditional cashews we add nuts. Tomorrow we go pork and on Sunday there will be asparagus on the menu. Experts will frown, because the asparagus season ended on June 21, but we heated them with butter for ten days, which gives the best result. ”


On Sundays we serve delicious asparagus that has been kept in butter for ten days, which gives a very tasty result.

Loic van Imbe

In between cooking, he also hopes to catch some bands himself. “I’ve been coming to Werchter since I was 15, so I feel at home here. This year, I’m looking forward to Fever 333 and High Hi on Sunday and indeed for all the major business, when Smaakfabriek is already closed. But now first full focus because we hope That concept spreads and we’ll disappear for years. Forgive first, fill up on gasoline right away.”

Change of dish of the day at De Smaakfabriek

Thursday 06/30: Breaded beef with belgian BBQ sauce, organic bread with belgian beef with liège syrup, ketchup and mustard
Friday 1/7: Chicken Makhani (butter chicken) (organic), organic Belgian chicken in a creamy sauce and spicy rice, finished with full-fat yogurt and pickled cucumbers.
Saturday 2/7: capsalon gyros, marinated and grilled pork, belgian potatoes, salad and garlic based yogurt sauce
Sunday 3/7: Flatbread with spiced asparagus, flatbread with a bianca base, white asparagus and crunchy vegetables

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