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All ‘Blue Ice Secrets and the Power of Femininity: Five Trips to Your Own Area | Culture

Out and aboutUDEN / WAALWIJK / MIDDELBEERS / OSS / GOIRLE / VEGHEL – Five exciting activities you will not miss every week in your area.

Ode to Frank Sinatra

His songs are engraved in our memories. Frank Sinatra is the hero of many, including Jim Bacchus and Sergio Wind. They will pay homage to this music hero under the Dutch concert Big Band movement. During theatrical production Sinatra – under her skin Baggum not only performed hits, but Sergio Vient also talks about the inevitable successes, scandals and secrets of Ol ‘Blue Eyes.

April 16 D LEST WALWIZK And April 22 Strike Uden

Iris, pregnant © Gwen Connor

Link to a monumental church

The monumental old church in Middlebirs is the perfect backdrop for the exhibition LinkIn times of uncertainty, Praband’s nine artists come together to allow the audience to relax and enjoy a powerful, yet humble work of art. The work on display ranged from Impressionist paintings to bronze and stone sculptures.

April 23 and 24 Kubra Art

Martze van de Vetering during the Feston premiere.
Martze van de Vetering during the Feston premiere. © Brunopress

Family reunions go hand in hand

Actress Martze van de Vetering from Winkle plays for her own audience at the De Livecomp Theater. Along with Peter Herzop and Vigo Vaz, he is on stage with Feston. Family reunions that are supposed to be fun are completely out of hand. At the center of the play based on the 1998 film of the same name are Family Relations.

Sven Rodzke explores the universe of David Bowie.
Sven Rodzke explores the universe of David Bowie. © Brunopress

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Rodsky makes Bowie his own

International entertainer and singer Sven Rodzke explores the universe of David Bowie. After successful premieres in New York, Berlin, Zurich and New Zealand, he is also in acting. Where we are now On display at Jan van Besouw in Goirle. Anyone expecting a consistent tribute show will be disappointed. Radzke does not follow Bowie, he makes it his own.

April 22 John von Bezov

Soft skin, Daniela Hefter
Soft skin, Daniela Hefter © Noordkade Veghel

Ariadne’s Double Exhibition Wire

Wybenga Silo in Noorkate and Hall of the CultureFabric, de Company presents the exhibition. Ariadne threadசிறப்பு Marianne Benco and Daniela Hefter’s specialty textile art allows viewers to see and enjoy. The works of mother and daughter are basically about the beauty and power of femininity.

From April 17th North bank