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Teaching Canoe Association shakes up hydronads

Teaching Canoe Association shakes up hydronads

What training does KV Hydronauten offer?

“An introductory course, Canoe Skills A and B and Canoe Instructor 2 (Assistant) and 3 (Instructor). Classes are held every Wednesday evening throughout the summer.

You are so busy! After all, you are the only coach in the club.

“But not for long! To run the engine accurately again, I offer the curriculum to become a canoe instructor. The more instructors, the more lessons we can give, the more diplomas we can offer. Last year someone finished 2 years as a canoe instructor. Many people currently follow steps 2 and 3. Having an extra pair of hands and eyes is great.

You are a member of KV Hydronauten, to teach precision. How?

“After 25 years as a member of the Canoe Association in Franெois, I have been without the club for some time. However, I have been active alone and for a long time through Peddel Talk. I heard from colleagues that KV Hydronauten’s membership is declining. The group was serious.They did not know how to turn the tide.It made me think.I have been a teacher for 15 years.I felt like joining a club again, changing my knowledge and reviving the distillery.I was welcomed with open arms.

Did teaching really shake things up?

“And or not! Three years ago, Hydronauten had only 45 members. We are now 80 years old. Teaching is shaking things up. The lessons take place deliberately at the same time as the training of the canoe polo group. This is how different departments meet. The liveliness is coming back more and more. The entry level course attracts new members. These individuals have risen to organize tours and more. Teaching acts as a catalyst.

Are the courses for members only or for non-members of KV Hydronauten?

For now it is only for club members. We do not yet have enough instructors to take this on a large scale. For training to become a canoe instructor, the doors are open to outsiders. Setting up training classes is a matter of patience. We see growth and it is amazing.

Should the club invest in coaching?

“We arranged our club canoes: we sold the old boats, and with that money we bought new ones. I stood with the treasurer at Arjen Bloom. I had to add 2 extra members.After a while, less than 4 new members were registered.I could have bought 2 more boats!

Do you recommend other canoe clubs for training?

“Absolutely. Not just because it gives life to the distillery. Where else do people learn to travel properly and safely? It is better for an experienced cum to take responsibility for them than to start alone, and there will be mistakes and accidents.

Albert-John on a trip to Chile

Albert-John (46) has been paddling since he was twelve. He travels from P&H to Cetus. His great interest is sea kayaking. A solo trip around Vancouver Island, teaching and touring in New Zealand, cruising at Watan Sea; No sea is far from him. He paddled in southern Chile in January and February 2022. The trip went from Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams. Whales, dolphins, glaciers, storms and rain; Albert John writes of an unforgettable journey in his canoe resume. He bought the P&H Scorpio HV specifically for this trip. This is because a lot of baking and food can be stored there for up to 5 weeks and beaten with polyethylene.

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