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Alle trailers van de Wholesome Direct – Indie Game Showcase

All trailers from Wholesome Direct – Indie Game Showcase

It’s an interesting month for gaming news. This week saw the start of Summer Games 2024, a Jeff Keighley event. The Xbox Games Showcase starts tonight at 7:00pm and tomorrow Ubisoft can show off what it has in store for us during Ubisoft Forward 2024. But there was also time for a different kind of game during the Wholesome Direct – the Indie Game Showcase. An overview of the trailers featured there can be found below.

ILA A Frosty Glide Demo Film

A trailer for Garden of the Sea for Nintendo Switch

Trailer for Minami Lane for Nintendo Switch

Soba’s Tale of Stolen Potatoes Issue History

Fruit tray display trailer

Demo trailer for The Little Library

Fantastic Haven demo

Into The Emberlands movie with subtitles

Sally demo trailer

Usagi Shima Bunny Paradise Trailer Update

While waiting for the trailer for the new platforms

Dungeons of Hinterberg Puzzle Trailer

Discount version window trailer

Spilled! Trailer updated graphics

Freeride demo trailer

Tukoni: Advertisement for forest rangers

Rolling Hills Sushi is making friends now


Travelers Rest City and updated story trailer

Moonstone Island release date for Nintendo Switch

Advertisement for Crater Café

Kamaeru A Frog Refuge movie with subtitles

Promotional presentation for the rooster game

The Palace on the Hill movie

Tiny Lands 2 announced

Advertisement Advertisement Squeakross Home Squeakross Home

On your tail test trailer

Crab God Demo

Littlelands demo trailer

Advertisement Advertisement Mythmatch

Été trailer release date

Trailer for the launch of Paths of Thought

Lost and Found demo

Caravan SandWitch trailer