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Atmospheric but also a bit outdated – Initial conclusion – Preview

The question is whether this has had an effect, and by that I mean whether the gameplay experience is no longer compatible and therefore more arcade-feeling. More running and shooting because you can easily spot enemies when the cursor feels right etc.

So the question is if they actually do it, just an aim assist switch won’t do it, no (some players will probably complain about how easy it is on consoles or something). This is all just speculation here, I can only imagine this happening, and I have no idea if this is actually the case and how often. But it’s already a bit of a mess because it’s just trying to appeal to the largest possible audience and therefore lacks consistency. Controller support may be part of this. That’s why you probably shouldn’t port some games to consoles.

That’s why the commentary in the preview seems a bit outdated, I honestly see that as a positive thing. I don’t see many recent developments in gaming as positive at all. Back 2 basics are fine.

Otherwise, of course, this is just nonsense, we’ll see. But I also think that “hope there’s no controller support because these games suck” is overrated ^_^

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