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Already the best favourite?  Amy has twice as many followers on Instagram than other "K2" candidates looking for K3 |  TV

Already the best favourite? Amy has twice as many followers on Instagram than other “K2” candidates looking for K3 | TV

TVDid the audience actually secretly talk about their favorites in “K2 Looking for K3”? If you look at their followers on Instagram, you will notice that candidate Amy Courtens (25) has almost twice as many followers as other singers.

In addition to Remy, she is one of two Flemish participants to reach the top six in “K2 Seeking K3”. A soft blonde that fits well between Hanne and Marthe on paper. On top of that, the two gave her a golden ticket when she threatened to lose weight, indicating that they also see Amy as a potential K3.

But during the last episode, things went a little less: “My vocals weren’t that great,” says Natalia of the song “Borst Vooruit.” However, her scores remained high, which earned her a place in the semi-finals. It will be broadcast on VTM next week.

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very famous

Does that bad moment mean that Emmy’s days on the show are numbered? Probably not, because on social media you can also notice that Amy is getting a lot of attention. Amy currently has 29,000 followers. This is nothing. By comparison, BBF Luca has nearly 17,000. Dutch favorite Diede ended up with 14,200 followers. Her competitor Julia has a little more: 14,900. Flemish Remi stands out quite a bit with 15,400 followers. He was already well known in the music world before, and had already voiced vocals for Studio 100. Manu, who dropped out last week, has “only” 6,718 followers.

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Miss Belgium

The big relaunch on social media may be related to Amy’s past, which has already earned her some fame. The blonde has already participated in the Miss Belgium contest, reaching the finals there. This has also given her a nice following on Instagram.

It will soon become clear if this will be a strategic advantage in a K3 match. On November 27, the new K will be elected during a live show.

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Amy Courtens of K2 is looking for K3. © Mine Dalemans