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Also a radish, a knight, and a giant in "The Masked Singer": Are these masks covered in masks?

Also a radish, a knight, and a giant in “The Masked Singer”: Are these masks covered in masks?

Friday 14 January. Then presenter Nils Destadspader starts the second season of masked singer – He immediately finished his last show on VTM. The first season quickly became a hit beast in 2020. More than two million viewers watched how the mysterious Queen, after the stars sang from the sky, was revealed as the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest Sandra Kim.

So it was quickly clear that there would be a second season. Last week, VTM revealed the first three characters of the new season: a plush red deer, a parrot with a vibe animal, and with robots there’s a duo on stage for the first time. On Wednesday morning, the other five characters also came out of the shadows.

The list of participants is complete, guessing can begin. Although we suppose the makers still have a surprise up their sleeve. Remember the first season, where the characters Mermaid (Kathleen Ayarts) and Cotton Candy (Nora Gharib) were introduced only in the course of the broadcast.

These are the new faces:

Miss Boyce

It’s a name extracted directly from an album by pekabus can come. VTM says of Miss Poes, “It’s all beauty and elegance. She loves to be pampered and is always looking to cross the ring.”

Miss Poes, a character with a name that doesn’t seem out of place on De Kiekeboes album. © VTM

But the miss gives some advice herself. “Specially for today I chose my most beautiful dress from my collection.” or: “I feel seduction All the way.” Annelien Coorevits, perhaps, former Miss Belgium and presenter not too long ago temptation island? Or Valerie de Bosser, the former seductress on the same show and well-known face in the fashion world?


“Flower of flowers,” that sounds like Ross. “She’s cute, graceful, and loves pretty things.” “But make no mistake,” she adds. “Many have pricked themselves with thistles. I usually focus too hard on my flower bed. But now is the perfect time to scatter my rose petals elsewhere.”

Roos usually focus on

Roos usually focus on their “flower bed,” but now they spread their leaves elsewhere. © VTM

Well, given the identical first name, Roos Van Acker might be pretty obvious. But the truth is that the radio presenter has rarely been seen on television in recent years.


You can always count on Ridder. “I am a polite knight,” voices from the mouth of the hitherto unknown superhero. “But I did not get involved in the Middle Ages. So I will not imitate this ancient behavior because I have done it enough.” Guga Baúl, who hacked the diagramming software against the stars And they imitated the little-known half of Flanders ever since?

Knight is polite, but he's not stuck in the Middle Ages.

Knight is polite, but he’s not stuck in the Middle Ages. © VTM

However, the politician also seems to be an option. “I have had enough Energy To subdue an entire army,” it seems. “Although I do not like a normal fighting game. To conquer the world, you sometimes have to start simply. My first heroic act? Take the stage. bubble!


The one-eyed monster describes itself as “a little shy. I feel very comfortable in the shadow of my cave. But every now and then I have to leave my comfort zone and look for daylight.” So the person behind Cyclops is not someone who is always in the spotlight.

Cyclops leaves its comfort zone by participating in the program.

Cyclops leaves its comfort zone by participating in the program. © VTM

“Cyclops has an image problem,” he adds. “But I’m not a bully. I don’t eat people. Not even red meat.”


“I’m a true fan of taste and I can explode at any moment like a turnip. I love the singing, but it gets hot. I’m just a different decorator.” Anyone who sees cheery radishes immediately thinks of a TV chef (chin). But there seems to be another way, too. “I measured the competition so they were down by the group. And soon they all passed.”

Radish, cannon with real flavor can

Radishes, a real-flavored cannonball that can “explode like turnips.” © VTM

A professional sports star? Nafie Thiam, who became the Olympic champion in this year’s heptathlon? where masked singer It was recorded around the same time as the Olympics, however, this chance seems small to us.

“The Masked Singer” starting Friday, January 14th at 8.35pm on VTM.

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