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Most illegally downloaded 'WandaVision' series in 2021 |  showbiz

Most illegally downloaded ‘WandaVision’ series in 2021 | showbiz

TelevisionAccording to research by Torrentfreak, WandaVision is the most illegally downloaded series in 2021. The Marvel series with Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as superheroes Wanda and Vision appeared on Disney+ last year and won several TV awards.

Among the top five downloaded series, there are three Marvel productions. In addition to “WandaVision”, “Loki” (2), “The Hawk and the Winter Soldier” (4), and “Hawk” (5) were illegally watched. All of these series are on the Disney+ streaming service. “The Witcher” (Netflix) is the odd one out in third place.

In 2020, another Disney+ series was the most illegally downloaded series of the year. “The Mandalorian” was then “honoured” for being the most downloaded.

Torrentfreak has calculated the list based on the number of times the individual episodes of the series have been downloaded. However, some seasons of the series did not release in every episode, but were immediately available to watch in full. Looking at the downloaded full seasons, the Netflix series “La Casa de Papel” ranked fifth from “Hawkeye”.

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