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Also Yahoo!  Officially suspend activities in China |  iHLN

Also Yahoo! Officially suspend activities in China | iHLN

American Internet Corporation Yahoo! It announced that it would stop its operations in China. In a statement, the company noted the country’s “increasing commercial and legal challenges.” For example, Chinese authorities impose strict censorship on companies and immediately censor politically sensitive or inappropriate content. As of November 1, the Yahoo! It appears that it is “no longer available in mainland China”.

The company says it wants to continue to strive for “a free and open internet”. Yahoo! It comes after China’s new information law went into effect on Monday. The so-called “Personal Information Security Act” limits the information companies can collect and wants to limit the amount of personal data as much as possible.

In addition, online platforms in the country are obligated to make Chinese users’ data available to the authorities. So Yahoo! In 2007, US lawmakers criticized the internet company for handing over the data of two Chinese dissidents to authorities, which eventually led to the two’s arrest.

strict legislation

Hey ho! It is the latest in a string of US companies to leave China, albeit as a symbolic move. For example, the company’s main services, such as email service, have not been available in China since 2013.

Last month, Microsoft actually pulled the Chinese version of the social networking site for professional contacts LinkedIn, in part due to stricter legal requirements. Also, Google services have not been available for a long time in the country, and the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Wikipedia have been completely banned because they do not respect government rules.

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