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Dutch company Somnox introduces the second version of the sleeping robot for 549 euros – picture and sound – news

Somnox has launched the Somnox 2, a device designed to help users fall asleep. The sleep robot should be used as a lovable toy and it measures the user’s breathing. Then the robot moves to slow breathing.

from Somnox 2 It has similar functions to the first model that appeared in 2019, but has many improvements. For example, the new version has WiFi, Bluetooth, and, according to the manufacturers, the spirometry algorithm has been improved, so that the robot works in almost all sleeping modes. The companion app has also been completely revamped and the sleep robot is smaller, lighter and sleeker than its predecessor. The built-in speaker has also been improved.

With built-in sensors, Somnox 2 measures users’ breathing while they are trying to fall asleep. The robot then performs movements intended to slow the user’s breathing. According to the developers, this brings peace of mind and allows users to fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and sleep longer.

With WiFi and Bluetooth support, the sleep bot can also be used to play sounds, podcasts, and meditation exercises. According to the makers, the sleep robot is also suitable for performing breathing exercises during the day.

Somnox was founded in 2015 by former TU Delft students and works alongside sleep scientists. in 2017 The startup raised the money via Kickstarter to create the first prototype of the Somnox sleeping robot. It has been on sale since 2019 and initially cost €599. The new Somnox 2 model is now available for €549.

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