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Altcoins die je nog steeds kunt minen met een laptop of desktop

Altcoins you can still mine using a laptop or desktop » Crypto Insiders

The Dutch are becoming more and more fascinated with cryptocurrency. going on last year Lots of people in the Netherlands to bitcoin and other altcoins. People who have been involved in such investments for a while are also working on them in some cases Menin of digital currencies. It has been known for a while that bitcoins can no longer be mined via a regular desktop or laptop computer. More powerful devices are needed for that. If you still want to get started this way, there are a number of alternative coins that you can mine from this type of equipment. You can read more about it in this article.

Why start mining cryptocurrency?

First a little bit about mining. When you have a good desktop or file gaming pc Getting started with mining is actually quite easy. If you really want to understand mining, you should first Learn more about blockchain. This string, as it were, contains blocks of data (transactions and fingerprints, also known as a fragmentation named). Each new block contains some data (fingerprints) of the previous block. This means that the full history of the string is in the last block. When you start mining, you allow your computer to solve a mathematical equation to get a hash for the next block.

So your computer is constantly working to get a good formula. You can do this by purchasing the necessary equipment yourself (for example by purchasing a desktop or laptop for sale purchase) or by outsourcing such tasks to a company in clouds mining. Now you may be wondering why you started mining cryptocurrency. Mining has some great advantages:

  • You don’t need much knowledge to start mining. When you have such tasks that a cloud mining company does, you will not even have to buy any equipment.
  • Once mining is up and running, you have an interesting source of passive income.
  • The nice thing is that you don’t have to invest in cryptocurrency to be able to start mining.
  • You contribute to the strengthening of the cryptocurrency.

Mining Ethereum (ETH) from your laptop

In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) is the largest cryptocurrency. When you have the right tools and equipment, it is possible to mine ETH from your desktop or laptop. It is recommended to participate in the so-called mining Swimming pool To increase the chances of success. A mining pool is a group of people who mine together, so that relatively fewer people around the world engage in mining. This gives you a better chance of creating the next block. ETH mining is relatively easy: download the blockchain to get a file Pocket wallet to set up properly. Then you change your wallet settings so that you can start mining.

Dogecoin mining from home

Dogecoin (DOGE) was started as a joke by a me meUntil Elon Musk ran away. The Alt currency Later it grew into a popular cryptocurrency with a large number of users. The big difference with Bitcoin is that Dogecoin gets new numbers of coins available every year – with Bitcoin, there is a limit to coins. This is why it is so interesting to start mining DOGE, the Dogecoin coin. Make sure you have a wallet to receive your winnings. If you don’t have a wallet, downloading the basic Dogecoin wallet is an idea. It is also recommended to participate in a mining pool with this crypto currency to increase your chances.

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Minero (XMR) from your PC

Finally, another interesting coin that you can mine from your laptop or computer: XMR from Monero. This digital currency is anonymous and very popular. The Monero network is built in such a way that it forms the perfect foundation to start mining from your PC or laptop. Again, you must have a wallet – it is recommended to go to the official Monero wallet: Monero GUI Client. Next, you need to download the necessary mining software that supports Monero, such as the easy-to-use Multiminer. There are also other software you can use to mine XMR from Monero.