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Fractal Design replaces torrent fan hub due to possible short circuit – Computer – News

Fractal Design warns that a fan hub in its Torrent case may cause a short circuit. The company urges users not to use the fan hub and will offer free alternatives.

Fractal Design is temporarily suspending torrent box sales so that no more copies with defective fan hubs fall into the hands of potential buyers, the company reports in Blog post. After the updated fan center becomes available, can sales will resume. Fractal Design writes that its development team is “working tirelessly to design and produce an updated version” of the fan hub, which should be released “as soon as possible.” The company expects Send the first replacement copies to Torrent owners within two to three weeks.

Torrent users are advised to disable the fan hub and Share the instructions for it. Users can Fan hub replacement request On the Fractal Design website, which will be sent out as soon as new copies become available. The company has also spoken with retail partners and is said to be offering full refunds for those who don’t want to wait for a replacement batch.

The extent of the problem is unknown. Fractal design Indicates It has received “less than five” reports from users. He writes that the problem “in most cases” activates a short circuit protection in the power supply a company. This shuts down the computer immediately and prevents permanent damage, although it can also cause “hard-to-detect” problems.