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Amazon launches AI-generated chatbot Q – IT Pro – News

Amazon has introduced Q, a chatbot targeting businesses that work with Amazon Web Services. Employees can use Q to create content, “spark creativity,” and get answers to questions based on internal company data.

x has access to Information repositoriesAnd the company’s code and systems, and thus can provide information and advice to employees, Amazon says. An innovative AI-based chatbot can “simplify” tasks, speed up decision-making and problem-solving, and aid in creativity and innovation. The chatbot can use Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Google Drive, and others to collect information.

Amazon says the chatbot can be tailored to each employee, giving Q, for example, access to more company data for some employees than for others. The company stresses that Q does not use corporate data to train the underlying models, and is therefore intended to be an internal tool. Amazon says Q targets companies that use AWS, e.g Business intelligenceCompanies, call centers and Supply management-Business.

The chatbot is currently in a preview version and should become more widely available “soon.” Q should be available in different places, such as the AWS Management Console, or in the company’s Slack chat tool or other chat apps. The chatbot supports follow-up questions and provides source references for answers. Accenture, BMW Group, and Wunderkind, among others, are said to be planning to use Q.

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