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Some ‘edited’ Sports Illustrated spots are fake, photos taken using AI – IT Pro – News

Some of the “editors” who allegedly published content on the Sports Illustrated website never actually existed. The publisher behind the site reported this after discovering the future. These authors’ portraits were created by artificial intelligence.

Editorial staff in the future I noticed That some Sports Illustrated editors cannot be found on social media and that the writers’ work cannot be found anywhere else on the Internet. The editors also discovered that some editors’ profile photos were for sale on a website that sells AI-powered profile photos.

Futurism also spoke to an anonymous source familiar with the matter. He stated that there are “many” fake authors on the Sports Illustrated website. According to a second source, some of the content on this site was also generated by artificial intelligence. Futurism also suspects the use of artificial intelligence, and points to a specific text about volleyball that states that playing the sport is sometimes difficult, “especially if you don’t have a ball to practice on.”

Arena Group, the publisher behind Sports Illustrated, He told CNN The articles in question were written by employees of a third party: AdVon Commerce. According to Arena Group, some AdVon Commerce authors used a pseudonym to ensure their privacy, a practice that Arena Group does not allow. Therefore, the publisher decided to remove all these articles. According to Arena Group, articles are written and reviewed by people. Sports Illustrated also spoke out about the issue. The Association regrets its association with artificial intelligence and believes that AdVon’s practices conflict with the Association’s journalistic principles.

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to update, 11.45am: Introduction has been modified. It initially read as follows: “The content appeared on the Sports Illustrated website using edited images generated by artificial intelligence and using a pseudonym. The publisher behind the site has removed the articles, but claims the texts were written by people.A section on suspected use of AI has been added to the main text.

Screenshot of the Sports Illustrated website with author pseudonym and AI-powered profile photo. source: Futurism