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Amsterdam introduces a hotel stop: "Another shortcut for more hotels...Closed" |  Abroad

Amsterdam introduces a hotel stop: “Another shortcut for more hotels…Closed” | Abroad

Since 2017, permission to build a hotel has only been granted by the Amsterdam municipality with strict conditions. To this end, the city has been divided into so-called “no districts” and “no, unless districts”, where no permit is granted and only permission is given under strict conditions to build a hotel. But if the zoning plan of the plot allowed for the construction of a hotel, the Amsterdam municipality could not prevent this.

The city council will not make changes to the land lease contracts. These modifications were necessary to be able to build a hotel on a plot of land. This shortcut is now closed. According to the Amsterdam municipality, “about 2,400 new hotel rooms will be added in the coming years. This is due to previous permits to build new hotels.” But that’s it.

“So we are now offering hotel stops in most parts of the city, including the Centrum and West areas.” New hotels are only possible in places that can have an added value to the neighborhood, such as neighborhoods under development, in addition, the concept must be unique and meet the stringent requirements in the field of neighborhood participation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship, of the city council states.

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