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Apple cuts iPad production in half to make more space for iPhone 13 – Tablets and phones – News

Apple is said to have made fifty percent fewer iPads in September and October than it had previously expected, in order to unlock components of the iPhone 13 series. In addition, the company would have produced fewer old iPhones for chip unlocking.

Multiple unknown sources We tell the Nikkei Asia That Apple has prioritized production for the iPhone 13 over the past two months, to ensure there are enough phones on shelves at release. However, the current shortage of chips has reduced the company’s ability to produce older iPads and iPhones, as the chips needed to do so have gone to the iPhone 13 phones.

Apple tablets and smartphones share multiple chips, with both primary and secondary components. So, in times of scarcity, Apple can make sure to give preference to the most important products. And the business newspaper wrote that the company also did so last year with the introduction of the iPhone 12.

The paper also notes that due to the low iPad production, it takes longer to deliver the purchased tablet. For example, a silver iPad with 256GB of storage that was ordered on Tuesday won’t be delivered until early December. The ordered iPhone 13 with 128GB storage will be delivered next week.

Bee Quarterly numbers Presented by Apple last week, the company has already announced that it has delivery issues. That would have cost the company about $6 billion in sales last quarter. However, at the time, the company did not indicate that it would reduce production of older iPads and iPhones to give more priority to new iPhones.

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