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An Air France 777 flies for 3 hours at an altitude of 3 km

An Air France 777 flies for 3 hours at an altitude of 3 km

An oxygen leak occurred in the cockpit of an Air France Boeing 777-300.

The aircraft in question, registered F-GSQV, departed Tokyo Haneda International Airport last Monday at 10:20pm local time on its return flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle. The 777 flew to China via South Korea. However, southwest of Beijing, the country’s capital, the machine suffered an oxygen leak in the cockpit, a passenger said AV Herald. At that time the plane was at an altitude of about ten kilometers.

Going down after reversal

After the plane headed towards the departure airport, it landed at an altitude of just over 3,000 meters so that passengers could breathe without oxygen masks. At this altitude, the machine flew for about three hours over South Korea, before lining up at Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport. After a flight that lasted seven hours and thirty minutes, the 777 landed on the same runway from which it took off. The machine remained on the ground for one day. The exact cause of the oxygen leak was not clear. The damage was most likely such that the plane was unable to return to Paris by Charles de Gaulle the next day. The 777 then continued to operate its flights.

Three in a month

This is the third time this month that an Air France plane has been forced to make an unplanned landing. Due to a burning smell in the cabin, a 777-200 did the same thing in Montreal, Canada on May 9, while a 787 made an unscheduled landing at Iqaluit Airport, also in Canada, two days earlier for the same reason.

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