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An electric mule with a slightly different name

An electric mule with a slightly different name

The electric counterpart to the new Volkswagen Passat, the Volkswagen ID7, is available as a sedan and station wagon. The latter is somewhat special, because electric station wagons are currently still very rare. A welcome addition, no doubt, for those looking for an electric car, but don’t necessarily want an SUV. Last spring we received the first clear sign of life from the “ID7 Variant.” Now Volkswagen itself presents two images and immediately lets us know we were wrong when it comes to the name.

The more spacious ID7 is called the Volkswagen ID7 Tourer. After more than sixty years of Variant, the brand is taking a slightly different tack when it comes to its electric vehicles. Wagon station? Yes, Volkswagen is talking emphatically about its “first electric station wagon,” and more will undoubtedly follow at some point. So they are called Tourer instead of Variant. Anyway, the most important thing is of course whether you can still fit a few of your things in such a touring car. Well, that’s nice. The Volkswagen ID7 Tourer offers luggage space of up to 545 liters with the rear seats up and up to 1,714 liters with the rear seats flat. However, it is clearly one step below the new Passat Variant. Swallows from 690 to 1920 liters.

Volkswagen ID7 Tourer

The fact that the ID7 is slightly narrower than the Passat Variant is striking because it is slightly longer. However, this extra length is mainly located between the wheels. The ID7 Tourer’s rear is clearly fuller than that of the Passat Variant. The battery pack at the bottom of the ID7 will undoubtedly also take up some internal space. Volkswagen will remove all camouflage stickers from the ID7 Tourer in the new year, so we can see how its rear end is painted more clearly.

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