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Does the conservative approach pay off?

Does the conservative approach pay off?

Many electric driving enthusiasts would prefer to see electric cars developed as fully electric from the beginning. BMW has largely abandoned this approach, as only the large iX model is in the current range sincere Eve. Using a reliable platform has advantages, as the Mercedes-Benz EQC demonstrated earlier in this section. Although there is still nothing to be said for driving, the car turned out to be quite reliable.

iX3: practical SUV?

Anyone choosing a large SUV usually expects some ease of use, and for most users, the iX3 seems to offer enough in this area. Few owners broach the subject, but one passenger is satisfied. “In terms of space, I find the iX3 more than adequate, including boot space, despite the battery and motor being located in the back. The only drawback compared to the Tesla Model 3 is the small storage space at the bottom of the bag to store charging cables.

Another less happy owner, though that also has to do with the ref. “The BMW iX3 is not exactly a small car, but interior space is still disappointing. You sit like a king up front, but the back is much less spacious than in a Volkswagen Passat. This also applies to the trunk.”

Another striking phenomenon is that many owners installed aftermarket “funk” themselves. “6 minutes of work and an extra 48 liters under the hood! Handy for cables, compressor and junk you rarely need; but I want to have it on hand…”, says one such owner.

BMW iX3 with Belgian license plate

Good seats in the iX3

Owners are happy with the iX3’s seats. “We are still very happy with the chairs. Fully adjustable with leg extenders, good height-adjustable lumbar support and even cheek width adjustable,” says the 2021 iX3 High Executive owner. “The sports seats are very comfortable and are a bit firm and adjust well.” “Almost as good as the comfy seats in the 5 Series,” another driver wrote of his lofty executive position.

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This doesn’t mean that every iX3 fits equally well. “Little seat adjustment options,” notes the owner of an iX3 equipped as a “regular” CEO. “Although it fits well, I would have liked more options and an extension of the seat. Here too, you are immediately stuck with the senior executive package.


“Drive like a BMW”

What every iX3 seems to do is drive fun. “The BMW gives me tremendous driving pleasure. Although the car is not inferior to the Tesla S in terms of weight and has only one engine, it is still a fast and easy car to drive,” said a satisfied driver. “The handling is really good for an SUV And, for example, much better than the X5 I was driving. Of course it ‘wobbles’ a little at times, which never happens with low road holding like the Tesla S, but the comfort of high road holding definitely outweighs that.”

The driver who previously owned a Volvo XC60 is also very happy with his BMW. “Comfort is really great. My others.


Consumption and range

When it comes to range and power consumption, riders’ experiences vary. Range: If you drive normally (130 km/h is good), you can reach over 380 km. If you drive very economically (a lot of 80 and sometimes 100 on the highway), you can easily reach over 400 km with Battery,” is what the iX3 Executive driver experiences.

What consumption values ​​should you consider? The following owner offers an insight: “Consumption in the last two winter months was around 248W/km and this is in line with expectations. The average over a year is around 192W/km. It is of course a car that is not the best CW value. On the other hand, Highly efficient propulsion system.

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BMW iX3 consumption display

Another driver is less satisfied and achieves lower fuel economy. “I think the biggest drawback so far is the battery’s charging capacity, including range. I haven’t driven the car more than 350 kilometers during these winter months, and consumption remains around 24 kWh, no matter what I do to reduce that consumption.

If the battery runs out while on the road, it can be quickly charged. The next driver feels that this does not always happen as quickly as desired. “I have noticed several times that when fast charging at a temperature of less than 10 degrees, the battery initially does not charge faster than about 25 kW, and only after about 10-15 minutes reaches the promised 135-155 kW. Of course, no This could be the point of fast charging: you lose 10 minutes.

Disturbances and irritations

Just like the Mercedes-Benz EQC mentioned above, BMW’s “in safety” formula seems to be working. If we can believe the reviews, the iX3 doesn’t have any structural issues, although a couple of owners reported minor issues. One passenger reported that the heater was providing less and less heat while riding and that the front axle was extremely noisy in cold weather. Another driver also reported noise. “The annoying element is the ‘squeak’ or ‘squeak’ of the brakes when making shorter braking movements.”

Although the BMW iX3 was not designed from the ground up as an electric car, it appears to be a successful electric car, according to most drivers. It’s practical enough, sits well, drives like a BMW and uses power efficiently enough. Even when it comes to breakdowns and teething problems, the BMW SUV doesn’t disappoint. The brand’s conservative shift seems to have proven itself in practice.