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The Manatee mortality rate in the US state of Florida this year was unusually high. About 10 percent of the population died last year. In an effort to save the animals from starvation, natural scientists are going to feed the animals, but that too is not without danger.

2021 is not the year of the manatee in Florida. Sanctuaries in the state are full of malnourished monkeys, but the animals are not pretty in the water either. Usually the entire layer of fat characteristic of a mandible is shrunk, the ribs are visible through the skin, and the animal appears to be swimming out of balance. As of October 8 alone, 968 animals had died, a dangerous increase compared to the 630 monkeys that died a year ago. This is a previous record of over 830, set in 2013.

Scientists believe the pollution in the Indian River Lagoon is to blame. In winter, it prefers to graze on this 10,000 acre area with warm water. However, due to human waste, those large marine meadows have almost disappeared. The 8800 manatees still living in the area do not have enough food.


This unprecedented event must be fought with unprecedented action

Thomas Eason, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Unheard of actions

Thomas Eason of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said, “We must fight this unprecedented event with unprecedented action.” The team decided to test whether the animals could be saved from starvation by feeding the wild monkeys. “We hope they like it,” said Patrick Rose, director of the Save the Manatee Club. New York Times. “We don’t know if they will do it.”

The choice does not come without question. Scientists believe that feeding wildlife is more harmful than good. By feeding the animals lettuce and cabbage from the boats, the food they get in the shelters and the manatees become dependent on humans. They can interact with boats, while about 85 monastics per year die in conflict.

Due to human waste, there are very few mangroves grazing in the Indian river lagoon:

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