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Annary (28) wants to give a second life to mini-trees in Zeeland

Saturday, November 27 is National Seedling Donation Day. Seedlings are collected from private gardens, parks and natural reserves throughout the Netherlands on that day, but not really until March. Its purpose is to provide a million cuttings or half to two meters in size for trees – no space in the backyard or park or next to its large number. They have all the space they need to grow into mature trees.

Anniere von Corsell of Hulst, a member of the Animal Party for Zeeland, has taken the initiative to expand the campaign in Zeeland as well. A total of 16,000 trees in the province are being sought for nearby gardens, food forests, schools or other green initiatives.

Zeeland Forest Vision

Action Now more trees In his opinion, it fits in well with the province’s Zeeland Forest Vision. The target is to add 425 hectares of forest by 2030. Van Corsell, 28, wrote the letter asking if all the municipalities in Zeeland had harvest sites or so-called tree centers. These are the places where the seedlings can be stored temporarily until they go to the new owner.

Euragio Gardens Ostberg

Van Corsell also had his vision of the Euragio Garden in Ostberg, a plantation complex on the outskirts of Ostburg that had been abandoned for nearly twenty years. “Nothing has been done about it for a long time, and no doubt it explodes with seedlings,” she thinks. Before entertainment entrepreneur Eric van Tomme works on his plan for an amusement park, Van Korsal wants to save the mini trees from disappearing.

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The Euragio Gardens for Us Foundation, which is strongly opposed to regional park projects, thinks this is a good idea. They want the overgrown gardens to be completely free and a natural place. “But it’s separate from this. Personally I think it’s a shame about the Eurasian garden.”

Elderscans or Crote Podium

However, the site was not ‘optional’ for the Slovenian municipality and still holds the site for now. But there are other places for volunteers More trees now Seedlings can be harvested, let the congregation know. Examples are Bunkerbos in IJzendijke, Elderschans in Aardenburg or Groede Podium. The municipality of Terneuzen also responded positively to her question. It may have two wood centers.

Van Corsell is pleased to report the first providers now. A date Harvesting activity They do not have them yet, because she relies on the help of volunteers.

Anyone who owns seedlings or would like to help with the harvest can report them to [email protected].

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