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Japanese automakers continue to excel in reliability

Japan continues to dominate the world in reliable automotive technology. This is according to a report by the US company Consumer Report, which is based on an analysis of complaints about defects in more than 300,000 cars in the United States.

In addition, Japanese brands In terms of reliability Restore the first three places. In addition, Japanese brands dominated the entire top ten with eight entries.


“Japanese car brands are Lexus, Mazda and Toyota Led With American driver They have the best results in terms of reliability, ”the consumer report states. “However, Lexus has risen to a very high level.”

“Brand Changed locations With the Mazda, it topped the rankings last year and is now ranked second. Toyota came in third, followed by Infiniti and Buick, the only American brand to make the top ten.

British carmaker Mini ranks tenth as the most trusted European brand. Compared to last year, the brand, part of the German BMW Group, ranked thirteenth. “This was mainly due to the strong performance of the Countryman model,” the consumer statement states.

In the list of European brands, next to the Mini are Porsche (13), Audi (15) and BMW (17). Only two brands, the Buick and the Mini, have broken Japan’s dominance in the top ten.


Researchers also refer to electric cars With relatively often technical problems Sounds like facing. “This has nothing to do with the electric drive,” said Jack Fisher, director of vehicle testing at Consumer Reports.

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“In particular, the complex electronic systems built into these cars often cause distress. These vehicles exhibit technological innovations, but their reliability is often compromised because they can often be overstated with complex equipment.

“As more and more innovative applications are added, the risk of something going wrong also increases. On the other hand, hybrids offer greater reliability. After all, these cars have not undergone drastic, consistent changes over the years.

“In general, traditional passenger cars show tremendous reliability,” the researchers point out. “SUVs come in second, followed by pickups and minibuses.”

“However, it is noteworthy that American automakers are going against this trend. There, suv models and pickups showed more reliability than traditional passenger cars.