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Another expensive and popular Netflix series dies after one season

Another expensive and popular Netflix series dies after one season

The Cursed series is ending after one season on Netflix, which is very painful.

However, another Netflix Original series falls. cursed It debuted on the streaming service last summer, but will be discontinued after only one season.

Of course, that was coming, since in all the time since the first season came out, we haven’t heard a thing. So far, Netflix hasn’t announced an official cancellation, but we hear across the deadline that the cast members are “free” of their contracts. This means that they can now look for work elsewhere without having to look into their contracts with Netflix.

There is no second season
The cancellation is a huge disappointment for fans. But it can’t be much of a surprise considering Netflix’s silence.

a series cursed It debuted a year ago and we haven’t heard anything about a possible new season since. This is usually not a good sign.

In addition to that, Netflix also has two other major fantasy series that will be getting a new season with a huge budget. It really looked like that cursed You will not survive the summer.

In the series, Katherine Langford plays a young woman with great abilities and abilities. She gradually became the Lady of the Lake from the legends surrounding King Arthur. Unfortunately, season one ended on a major cliff, with Daniel Sharman as Lancelot, the beloved Knight of the Round Table.

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