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Luc Appermont en Bart Kaëll denken soms al aan later: “Ik wil geen vijf minuten langer leven dan hij”

Luke Abermont and Bart Kale sometimes think later: “I want…

They have been together for over forty years, Luc Appermont and Bart Kaëll. They grew up together, but they also already think later, if one of them is no longer around. “We are already training to let go of each other,” Appermont said on Radio 1’s “De Boshut.”

Locke did not have to think long about who he would bear with him for a few days in a hut in the woods: this was his partner, Bart Kyle. “We almost grew up together,” Bart laughs, “we are so happy together and when we’re not together we call each other constantly.” Do they think later, if one is no longer around? Luc Appermont in particular thinks it’s important to do this: “I’m trying to convince him of that, because I’m ten and eleven years older. We’re already training to let go.”

Although Bart has a hard time with it: “I don’t want to live five minutes longer than Luke. Being able to go together is great, right?” Luke: “What do you say now? You should go on with your life and find a younger man. , ten years younger than him!”

After more than forty years together, Bart and Locke sometimes think out of sync. “Sometimes we haven’t talked about something in months and then I start talking about it again and Bart says, ‘I was thinking the same thing! “So I take comfort in the idea that if he’s gone he’ll say or think exactly as I’m thinking at the moment.”

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