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Another new character in "The Masked Singer": Meet Scorpio

Another new character in “The Masked Singer”: Meet Scorpio


With the unveiling of Erik Van Looy, “The Masked Singer” said goodbye to Radijsje last week. He fills his vacant position with a new character. Moreover, it is a poisonous creature: the scorpion.

After Flamme Fatale has already replaced Roos, a new character will be joining on Friday disguised singer. Dangerous and unexpected, this is how the makers describe Scorpio. Anyone who crosses his path must believe it. Scorpios love to be in nature and live as a “gypsy” in a luxurious Bedouin tent. Scorpio has a bad side but he wants to get rid of it. It is said that his or her first appearance was “weird”.


“You caught me today bathing in luxury,” said Scorpio himself. “I hope you are not jealous. I am a dangerous creature with sharp edges. pimped out, chrome plated scissors. Which I can’t always control. So be careful if you approach me or dare to ask me something in an unguarded moment. I try to work on myself to control my impulses. But this does not always work. Oh I did it again. In the wild, scorpions usually rush in and rip their prey to shreds or crush it completely. I’ll try to leave something out of the competition. But I can’t promise anything yet.”

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who is this?

pimped out, chrome platedThe car that I described at the time as Pussy wagon. That Coppens was only announced this week as another VTM participant, traitors, then reduce her chances again. Already you know in disguised singer Of course never.

The fierce competitive nature of Scorpio may also indicate an athlete. A love of nature and travel reminds us of “people who live in the great outdoors” like Bartel van Riet or Wim Lippert. More clarity will follow (possibly) in Friday’s episode.

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