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Prince Andrew officially denies sexual abuse of Virginia Joffrey and seeks trial by jury |  Property

Prince Andrew officially denies sexual abuse of Virginia Joffrey and seeks trial by jury | Property

PropertyBritain’s Prince Andrew, 61, has officially denied his conviction of sexually assaulting minor Virginia Joffrey at the time. This is according to legal documents filed on Wednesday.

The Duke of York has long denied the allegations, but Queen Elizabeth’s son has officially confirmed his position. Geoffrey, in turn, accuses Prince Andrew of abusing her several times when she was a minor. According to Virginia, the prince was “lented” to her by wealthy businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who has since died.

jury trial

Meanwhile, the British king is also demanding a jury trial in the abuse case brought against him by Virginia Joffrey. Andrew’s lawyers previously stated that Geoffrey may have “false memories”. However, on some of the charges in the indictment, Andrew says he doesn’t have enough information to admit or deny them. The British prince admits that he was a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, but according to the Duke of York, it is not true that he was a regular guest at one of the residences of the wealthy businessman. In his own words, he was never close friends with Ghislaine Maxwell.

In the legal document, which consists of 11 pages, Andrew also rejects the fact that Geoffrey resides in the US state of Colorado. According to the British prince, the woman “is not a resident of the United States.” So Andrew’s lawyers want Joffrey’s case dismissed by the judge. According to a lawyer for the British royal family, Virginia has no right to sue in New York. According to the documents submitted, both Virginia and Andrew are not official residents of the United States. So Andrew Brettler, the prince’s attorney, believes the case should be dropped. He states, among other things, that “Goffrey’s complaint should be dismissed because the New York court has no jurisdiction to decide the case. The official residence of Virginia is still Australia and not the US state of Colorado.”

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Another argument from Andrew’s legal team is the so-called deal Jeffrey signed with Epstein in 2009. In it, the woman said that she would not pursue “other potential defendants” in the future.

No friendly settlement

The fact that Prince Andrew is now demanding a jury trial means a potential settlement is no longer on the table. Earlier, it became known that Virginia Joffrey was less favorable to it anyway. Joffrey wants an apology from the Prince. “She wants justice,” her lawyer said. The amicable settlement was really detrimental to the British prince as well, because by apologizing, he’s already pleading guilty. The other option for Queen Elizabeth’s son was to ignore the whole thing. Just this possibility, too, had a detrimental effect on the Duke of York. If Andrew does not appear, then he automatically loses the case.

The affair, which might already begin in the fall, had already had dire consequences for the prince. Earlier this month, it was announced that he would have to give up his military and honorary titles.

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