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Antwerp Anais and Cedric in the 'House Made' final

Antwerp Anais and Cedric in the ‘House Made’ final

Anais and Cedric. © VTM

Will Anais and Cedric win their dream home in northern Antwerp? The chance has risen to 50%, now the jury local Just before the final he sent Alexia and Emil van Burtmerbeek home. As a result, Anis and Cedric will face Eileen and Younes in the final on Wednesday night, who have built their dream home in Bergen, Limburg.

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With Alexia and Emiel dropouts, disappointment took hold. They had to close the door to the building on the Portmeerbeek from behind. “This is really annoying,” he said. “But that is what it is. Boortmeerbeek is over, we will make another village unsafe.” Anais and Cedric are back over the moon again. “They can still do something, right?! 22 years old and Still standing!‘ he looked excitedly.

Recordings for the final match will take place on Wednesday morning. It is the spectator who decides who wins. Voting can be done until midnight on Tuesday via or via SMS to 6677. On Wednesday it will be clear who will win and they can draw a free house, without having to pay anything. Fifty potential buyers will also attend the Grand Final and 25 brokers will give their professional opinion. They are also the ones who decide the winner.

On Thursday evening’s episode, viewers will see how the eventual winners lived through the early hours in their homes.

localVTM, Wednesday and Thursday evening at 8.40 pm

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