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Apple oprichter Steve Wozniak verliest rechtszaak tegen YouTube omtrent Bitcoin (BTC) oplichting

Apple founder Steve Wozniak loses lawsuit against YouTube over Bitcoin (BTC) fraud » Crypto Insiders

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak sued YouTube last year over the infamous fake giveaway with Cryptocurrency Such as Bitcoin (BTC). Bloomberg News reported on June 3 that a judge ruled that YouTube was not responsible for this type of crime tricks.

In this type of scam, scammers promise to give away cryptocurrency if you send them crypto first. These parties, of course, do not intend to; So don’t step on it! In order to get people to send their money anyway, these scammers often misuse the image of a celebrity, like Wozniak.

We have also seen these types of scams quite often in the Netherlands. John de Mol sued Facebook over this at the end of 2019. Although he was right at first, De Mol and Facebook reached a settlement at the end of 2020.

According to Wozniak, YouTube has not only failed to remove this type of fraudulent content but has also contributed to this by running ads that drive traffic to these types of videos.

If YouTube had acted reasonably quickly to stop this, we wouldn’t be here now. YouTube, like Google, seems to rely on algorithms and no special effort has been made in these cases of criminal activity that require dedicated software.

When you commit a crime, you need to be able to reach out to people who are able to stop it. What human would see these types of posts and not immediately ban them as criminal?

According to. However, according to the judge, YouTube and parent company Google are protected by law. They are not responsible for the content users place on the site and Wozniak’s arguments are not sufficient to challenge this immunity.

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Wozniak will be given 30 days to review and resubmit the charges. Ripple ended this lawsuit against YouTube in March. Lately, we’re mainly seeing Tesla CEO Elon Musk in these scams.