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Proximus Changes Mobile Subscriptions – Tablets & Phones – News

@Weltschmerz The next n1 revolves around Proximus' fixed network, not around their mobile network.

At 100 years old, my grandmother still lives alone, one block away from me. It has a personal alarm connected to the landline. For example, if she falls, she can press a button and the family will be notified, or perhaps emergency services if the family cannot be reached.

A while ago she came to my door. She wanted to go to sleep, but she always heard a voice saying something, but what exactly was unclear.
Then I went with her, and this voice came from her personal alarm box with the message that the emergency center could not be contacted.
Then I checked her phone, and sure enough it was the deadline. He connected a telephone at the point where the telephone line entered the house, and died there as well. Already after 10pm, I called Proximus customer service and explained the situation. If you like, I can have a technician the same night, with advance notice. I told them this was not necessary, but if someone could stop by in the morning, I could be there and give the necessary explanation. The next day, a technician was on our doorstep at 8am. Fifteen minutes later the error was corrected (a loose wire in the neighborhood closet).

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