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Apple iOS 16 Maps: Stops & Biking Trails

Is Apple Maps Your Favorite Navigation App? Watch out, because a lot of new functions are being added! The new iOS 16 will be launched for the iPhone next month. Apple Maps is one of the apps that will receive some great innovations. We’re on our way to exploring the best new features of Apple Maps!

iOS 16 Apple Maps: What’s new?

Apple Maps is Apple’s default navigation app – and Google Maps’ main competitor. Many people swear by Google Maps, but Apple Maps is becoming an increasingly better alternative. The new iOS 16 features definitely contribute to this. These are the most important innovations.

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1) stops

Routes in maps have always been very limited: you got stuck on a route from A to B, and if you wanted to add another C somewhere, you had to plan a new route. This is now resolved: in iOS 16 It is possible to add stops so that you can plan your entire trip in advance. This makes the maps more convenient for that long vacation trip. You can plan up to 15 stations!

2) Cycling routes

Finally: Cycling Routes Coming to Apple Maps in Holland and Belgium. Plan a route, and hit the new “Vehicles” button. There you can select “Bike” in the menu. This way you will be guided step by step to your destination – provided you attach your iPhone to your handlebar, because of course carrying and cycling are not allowed. Unfortunately, it is not possible to add stops, as is now possible with car tracks.

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3) Renewed maps

Apple is gradually introducing all its leaves with a new touch of paint, and this fall it will be the turn of the Netherlands and Belgium as well. This gives you better visual distinction between different neighborhoods and shopping areas, all buildings are rendered in 3D, and the colors have been updated. There will also be support for Look Around, Apple’s version of Street View.

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