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Apple makes more games than Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft combined

Apple makes more games than Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft combined

When you think of games, your thoughts will likely go to game consoles and the games that were released for them. A lot of money is earned through games. However, it seems that Apple is the third smiling.

Thanks to the lawsuit between Epic and Apple over Fortnite and the fact that the Cupertino company does not allow third-party payment options, a lot of information is coming out. It shows that a lot of money is being made from gaming on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac.

Apple makes gold money from games

Because according to his analysis The Wall Street Journal Apple is actually the biggest player in the gaming world. It earns more from games than well-known names such as Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft and Activision Blizzard combined. In 2019, it would have generated a turnover of about $8.5 billion. If you compare it with the above companies, then their turnover has reached about 2 billion dollars. It’s still a lot of money, but it’s a lot less than the Cupertino company does. It must be said that an analysis was done at Microsoft, since this company does not indicate exactly how much is earned from the gaming division.

Playing on the iPad
iPhone and iPad as the ultimate gaming console (click/tap for larger size) (Photo: Apple)

However, Apple is the company that does the most in gaming, when in fact they don’t publish any games themselves. This is probably the main reason why Apple corridor chest. The company has seen how much money is being made, and by launching such a service, you keep your customers for longer. A lot of money is collected this way.

The App Store was a hit anyway

According to Sensor Tower’s analysis, the App Store will have a turnover of about $15.9 billion annually. 69 percent of that will come from the games section of the App Store. And so you see that gaming is really an important part of Apple’s success.

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Apple makes more games than Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft combined

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