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Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint Is Not Selling Well

Stock image of a desperate man with sales graph pointing down.  There is a rotating Ubisoft logo in the background.

Bad stock image model, it breaks your heart.
picture: Ubisoft / Kotaku / TheVisualsYouNeed (stock struggle)

Damn I guess it’s my turn to write about it These are stupid Ubisoft NFTs. Publisher’s first virtual items on the blockchain, unique numbered items for players Ghost Recon Break PointNot exactly much to ask. No, not even that helmet With 600 hours of playing time.

Ubisoft songs are part of Ubisoft Quartz “Experience”, Rather than a slightly different depiction of poorly drawn monkeys, the numbers are cosmetic in-game items with unique serial numbers. The first offer, which will be distributed free to players who meet certain playtime or account level requirements, will include a pistol skin that requires players to reach the fifth XP level, pants that require 100 hours of gameplay, and a mask that can only be obtained through 600 hours of gameplay. to spend in the game That was a complete disaster at launch.

The idea was that the restricted NFT items would be distributed to players, who could then resell them from an authorized Ubisoft reseller, From but if Apex Legends Be the star artist Liz Edwards on this Over the weekend on TwitterThere is not much resale.

It is not a delivery problem. RHere are several Ubisoft items for sale on the sites, with asking prices soaring to the equivalent of the Tezos cryptocurrency 400,000 USD (4.02 tezos equals $1 at the time of writing). But there are not many deals that are done, and the deals that are done are not expensive anywhere. Both authorized sellers show only a small number of sales made, with a total volume of 94.49 Tezos, which is approx. $380.

Why the lack of spot selling of energy-intensive and out-of-control NFTs in global markets? First, I’m just guessing here, but only five people are playing Ghost Recon Break PointApproximately. Secondly, a large number of people who play the game are not big fans of non-fungible tokens. In light of the recent public uproar, stalker 2 Developers GSC Game World to to announce, and then Cancel NFT Subscriptions QuicklyThis is a possible scenario.

Picture of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint NFT helmet, and it's ugly.

Another possibility is that this helmet is very ugly.
picture: Ubisoft / Kotaku

Third, and perhaps most influential, Ubisoft has designed the Ubisoft Quartz so that only players with generated NFTs can purchase Digits. Includes purchases from those locations authorized distributors. For your average NFT buyer to buy Ghost Recon Break Point Items, even from a player reselling one, must already be in play breaking point. Hardly anyone wants to play the game as it is, so it makes no sense for non-players to sign up for hundreds of hours to “own” a helmet that they can only resell to other players who have logged in for hundreds of hours. exercise. Why do it when you can invest money in and do terrible monkey art? If one wants to speculate, there are more accessible and more profitable NFT options available to do so.

Is this the end of Ubisoft NFTs? With CEO Yves Guillemot who recently went from top to bottom Preach the good word from the NFTs to his followersMost likely not. Now that the company has successfully implemented non-redeemable and nearly worthless tokens, who knows what ominous plans are in store?

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