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Apple will hold a new event on May 7 focusing on the iPad

Apple will hold a new event on May 7 focusing on the iPad

New iPad models with OLED display? Other surprises? The Apple Pencil is already an invitation staple.

After the first event in 2024 with the launch of the Vision Pro, it will happen again on May 7 with the launch of the new products. The centerpiece of the invitation is the Apple Pencil, a not-so-subtle hint that new iPad models are coming.

It has been written in the stars that new iPad models will appear in 2024. The number of rumors surrounding the OLED version of the iPad Pro does not stop. The iPad Air is also said to be being revamped. In addition to the standard 10.9-inch version, Apple is working on a larger 12.9-inch version. Striking: Not a single new iPad model has been announced in 2023. Never before in Apple's iPad history.

Will there be more to be announced? Personally, we'd expect a press release about the new models, unless Apple had more in store. Apple's WWDC 24 developer conference will be held on June 10. Expect major announcements (AI) sooner than that.

It won't take long for there to be clarity. You can follow the event online on Apple's website or via YouTube. The live broadcast will begin on May 7 at 4pm our time, three hours earlier than usual.

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