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Meta's Ray-Ban smart glasses now work with Apple Music

Meta's Ray-Ban smart glasses now work with Apple Music

Spring is here again, so you might be ready for new sunglasses. Have you ever thought about the Ray-Ban smart sunglasses released in collaboration with Meta? If you're someone who always wants to post everything on Instagram or Facebook, Meta's Ray-Ban smart sunglasses might be for you. And if you're an Apple Music user, there might be another reason to choose this.

Ray-Ban smart sunglasses work with Apple Music

Thanks to a recent update to Ray-Ban smart sunglasses and the Meta View app, you can link your Apple Music account to the glasses. This allows you to use your voice to play your favorite music through the built-in speakers. You can request a song, artist, album, playlist or radio station. By pressing and holding the touch-sensitive surface on the side, music that suits your musical taste will automatically play.

Thanks to the update, it is no longer necessary to take your iPhone to play music through the glasses, because your Apple Music account is now linked to the glasses themselves. In addition to controlling the music, you can also ask the glasses what song is currently playing.

There are a few headphones or smart glasses that work with Apple Music natively. Apple's Vision Pro headset has an Apple Music app, but that's a completely different arrangement than simpler smart glasses like those made by Meta and Ray-Ban.

With Ray-Ban's Meta smart glasses, you can just use a voice assistant, take videos and photos, and, for example, broadcast live on Instagram. There's also support for WhatsApp and Messenger for sending messages and using the camera to make video calls. With Vision Pro, you can pin all kinds of apps to the space around you.

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Like the Vision Pro, Ray-Ban's smart glasses only come in one piece Limited number of countries available. Meta is available in the US, UK and Canada, but Ray-Ban itself also sells it in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and more. Unfortunately, the Netherlands is not among them.