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Architecten voorop in transitie in ruimte-denken

Architects Lead the Way in Transition in Spatial Thinking

After two previous successful projects, the Ministry of the Environment and the Network of Architects of Flanders will join forces again in the next three years to put forward the strategic vision of the Flanders Spatial Policy Plan. The new support project focuses on increasing knowledge building among architects and local authorities. The topic of spatial competence is viewed more broadly, with an emphasis on making the ten essential qualities of the living environment commonplace and their applicability in qualitative spatial developments. Attention is also given to a good dialogue between the architects and the local authorities, both of whom play an important role in achieving the goals in this field.

Netwerk Architecten Vlaanderen wants to actively participate in new thinking about space and spatial quality. After all, it is clear that the spatial planning policy of Flanders will require a mental shift in spatial thinking (and action) on the part of developers as well as architects, designers, cities, municipalities, etc.?? As an ambassador of good spatial efficiency and a high-quality living environment, the architect has a leading role. It is able to make spatial efficiency more visible and accessible. On the basis of smart and creative designs, he can convince the client to make better use of the existing spaces by, for example, giving a compact volume a flexible interpretation, searching for synergies with respect to programmatic combinations and the cycle of energy flows, making the project adaptable and intensifying where possible and opening up the spaces To allow for more green space when necessary. This is within the strict framework and regulations of local authorities, in line with the strategic vision of the Flanders Spatial Planning Policy Plan and adapting to our changing climate with local consequences on the plot. The project focuses on two tracks: the ten essential characteristics of the living environment and cooperation with local authorities.

10 essential characteristics of the living environment

The Ten Essential Attributes of the Strategic Vision for the Flanders Spatial Policy Plan (2018) provide an excellent starting point for working in a high-quality living environment. To this end, the Environmental Department has created a web page with more information on the essential qualities, guidelines for quality dialogue, an inspiring catalog of images, and good practices??

Cooperation with local authorities

More than ever, there is a social need for mutual understanding, the same language and improved communication between architects and local authorities with a focus on improving access to information, clarity and predictability: why can something be licensed, and why not? On the basis of practical project examples and examples of positive collaboration, awareness can be raised about architecture oriented towards change, responsive to everyone’s needs.

Information and inspiration

The actions planned in the project are diverse. For example, the number of projects on the recently developed web tool and related publications will be expanded. In addition, NAV will also build and disseminate knowledge regarding basic technical and legal information. For example, construction professionals will be able to seek advice from the first line, they will regularly read articles in the NAV media or inspiring trainings and visits to the project will be offered. To connect with building owners, NAV uses the Open House Day My Home Op Maat, the website and the accompanying digital newsletter.
A web page begins with the ten essential qualities

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