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As vaccine distribution grows, we have to think about the region ...

As vaccine distribution grows, we have to think about the region …

“If the vaccination coverage varies between Flanders and Brussels, we should consider a separate additional relaxation for Flanders.” This is what Flemish Prime Minister Jean Gambon (Northern Virginia) said Sunday morning on the interpretation program the seventh day.

Three-quarters of Flemish people over the age of 65 have already been vaccinated, and in Brussels and Wallonia the percentage is around seventy percent. (April 23 DS) Does this open the door to more flexibility in Flanders? Flemish Prime Minister Jean Gambon (Northern Virginia) said Sunday morning, “This is not an easy thing, because a lot of Flanders go to Brussels and vice versa, and thus communicate with each other.” the seventh day On.

For now, according to Gambon, it’s not on the agenda yet. But if the prevalence increases in terms of vaccination numbers between Flanders and Brussels, we need to take that into account and make a decision about it. I already brought this to the table with the advisory committee. Covering the vaccination can become an element of relaxation in the future.

Not a definite answer to the summer event

at the seventh day Jan Gambon also returned to the advisory committee last Friday as Minister of Flemish Culture. The Events sector has yet to receive a definitive answer about summer mitigation. The decision will be made within fourteen days. “During the advisory committee, I did not find any readiness at the federal level to make decisions now for July and August,” says Jean Gambon. “We hope to move the fronts over the next fourteen days, so that the sector knows its place.”

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Right now, people mainly look at the number of beds occupied in ICUs. We want to get rid of that as quickly as possible. However, given the summer, we must also look at the vaccination campaign. It will be developed by then. Another advisory committee will follow on May 11. Nothing will change for May and June. The perspective is now in full summer. This is where the path to freedom lies.