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Overview.  Almost all corona numbers remain at the same level, fewer than 900 patients in intensive care  The interior

Overview. Almost all corona numbers remain at the same level, fewer than 900 patients in intensive care The interior

The number of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths remains at the same (high) level. This is evidenced by an overview update of the Sciensano numbers. The number of patients in intensive care has fallen below 900.

From April 18th to April 24th there was an average 234.1 New Admission in a day. A week ago there were 234.9. The numbers remain on a plateau. Since the beginning of the epidemic 69,034 patients He ended up in the hospital.

The total number of people currently in hospital dropped below the 3,000 mark on Friday (2,989 patients (-1 percent)). The decline continues today, albeit very slowly. Around 2,853 patients (-2 percent), of whom 875 were in intensive care (-5 percent).


The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus reached 972041. Last week it was an average 3622 cases in a day. This is 1 percent less From the previous week.

He. She Reproduction number It stands just under 1 according to the latest numbers 0,98. The number above 1 indicates that the Corona epidemic is increasing in our country. In Thursday’s overview, there was an R value of 1.01.

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Last week there was only an average 41825 test Dropped. However, there is a carrying capacity of 120,000 tests per day.

The percentage of positivity remains 9.63 percent, Which is very high. This means that 9.63 out of 100 tests performed are positive.

Death cases

Fatalities are still at the same level. Last week was average 38.9 a day. 23,990 people have already died from Corona in our country.


In the meantime you have it 2,608,673 Belgians Receive at least one first dose of the vaccine, which is equivalent to 22.7% of the total population (28.4% of the adult population).

746,704 citizens were fully vaccinated, Representing 6.5 percent of the total population or 8.1 percent of the adult population.

Being in Flanders At least 1,573,221 people They were partially vaccinated, which is 23.73 percent of the total population. 45,023 of them were fully vaccinated, 6.56 percent of the population.

You will find the vaccination numbers below Your municipality: