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ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero users report short circuit outage – Computer – News

Many users of the ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboard say that their motherboard has burned out after a short circuit. They reported it on the ASUS ROG forum and on the ASUS subreddit. The reason may be an incorrectly connected capacitor.

From First problem report It belongs to ROG forum member Maximumrog57, who reported the fatigue on December 17th. This user says the problems started a few days after the firmware and bios update. According to the user, there was an audible click, after which he received an error message, qcode 53, and qled lit up in orange. There was also a burn mark on the motherboard.

Since then, many similar motherboard problems have appeared on the Internet on the forum And on the ASUS subredditsaws Wccftech in a digital trends. The reason seems to be an incorrectly installed capacitor, volgens hardcore youtuber actually overclocking. Some motherboards appear to have a capacitor in the wrong way, which can cause problems, according to YouTubers.

What is striking is that users reported that the motherboard works normally initially, and that problems only surface later. It is not yet clear whether the problems arise after a particular BIOS update or whether the capacitor wears out faster due to prolonged overheating. Can be seen on Reddit Not all ROG Maximus Z690 Hero motherboards are equipped with the same capacitor. The capacitor marked ‘150’ may cause problems, because in some cases the direction is wrong, as indicated by the line that should be on the right side. ASUS has yet to publicly respond to the reports and has yet to announce its withdrawal.

Photo: Maximumrog57

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