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At this spa, you plunge into a bath full of wine: 'It has an anti-inflammatory effect' |  Instagram NINA

At this spa, you plunge into a bath full of wine: ‘It has an anti-inflammatory effect’ | Instagram NINA

A glass of fresh roses on the balcony with friends, a warm glass of red in front of the TV or a resounding “yes” to the question “white wine?” After a tiring day: It can be wonderfully rewarding. But did you know that a wine bath is also very beneficial? Learn about vinegar treatment. “The rind of blue grapes contains a powerful antioxidant.”

Attention wine lovers, in our northern neighbors you will soon be able to indulge in the divine drink. Two companies from Limburg are uniting for this. At the Thermae 2000 Wellness Center, bathrooms will be filled with wine pulp from Monarch grapes, the grapes with which St. Martinus Olivier wine, among others. This isn’t just a smart move from an environmental point of view – grape skins and seeds are given a second life as a beauty ingredient – it’s also very healthy.


“Monarch grapes make a beautiful, densely colored wine,” says Stan Borskens, owner of St. Martinus. “The latter has to do with skin contact and this is what makes bathing in the pulp unique and healthy. There is a special substance in the peel of blue grapes: resveratrol. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin from pollution and the negative effects of UV rays.” And this is not all: it contains The substance also has an anti-inflammatory and prevents skin damage.

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The wine baths are located on top of the Valkenburgsee Kauberg, so the view of the green surroundings is not bad. Bonus: Once the bubbles pop, serve them a glass of Oliver’s Thermae 2000 wine. So don’t strain the pulp in the wine bath, but wait patiently. The real deal.

Hobbyhorse Caudalie

By the way, vinegar treatment is nothing new. It is Caudalie’s hobby horse. This beauty brand was founded in 1993 and specializes in cosmetics based on polyphenols from grapes and vines. As early as 1993, Caudalie founded his first spa in Bordeaux: Les Sources de Caudalie. In the meantime, you can also go for a vinegar treatment at the brand’s spas located in French Port Lesne, in Spain’s Bilbao and in Porto.

Thermae 2000 offers their wine baths as a two-way experience: for €99.95 you can spend an hour in wine.

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