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TomTom loses due to declining car production – tablets and phones – news

Tomtom app, Tomtom go is not really bad. You pay annually 13 EUR 20 euros now it seems and you can download maps from all over the world and use live services (you need internet for this).

The problem of integrated or separate tanks is one thing, the support. If you buy a device for a few hundred euros with a lifetime update guarantee, TomTom determines how true it is. For example this article:…20TomTom%20zelf%20determined

TomTom offers users who buy a navigation system what they say are “maps for life”. You might think that you will be provided with new map updates for life, but it really comes down to the life of the device. And this age is determined by TomTom itself

With the app you pay an annual fee of €20 per year but did you know that after 10 years you have paid €200 in total and you will receive updates in the app every year. If you compare that to buying a TomTom device. Yes, you can buy Tomtom for €100, but then you have a very basic model where you still have to connect a phone for direct services. Nowadays with everyone who has a smartphone in a stand or a car with carplay or android auto, the extra box is a little redundant.

(Out of sight there are a lot of better or good free alternatives like tomtom, waze, google maps, here fly, etc.)

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