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AutoWeek podcast about the new Renault 5

AutoWeek podcast about the new Renault 5

This episode focuses on the Renault 5. Renault CEO Fabrice Kamboulev's expectations for the R5 are high. Not only does he expect more people to switch to electric cars, but he also believes that these customers will often be young: “The electric B-Class is a Game changer, to get people to switch. We see that with an affordable B-segment electric car, people are willing to switch from a gas car to an electric car. And in this category they are mostly young people.” Cambolive is not afraid that the original R5 will be too old to get the younger generation excited about the new one. “Although the R5 has a connection to the past, the design will also appeal to young people. It has a retro and futuristic feel, so not only is there a connection to the past, but there is also a lot of modernity in it.

Skoda was also discussed, due to Roy's driving impression in the Skoda Kamiq. The car performs less well than rivals in this segment and Marko has a good idea why.

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